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“Using our God given talents to be a blessing to all nations!”


The Problem

Many of us may operate in the fear of not pleasing others, and may lack the courage to say no. We may live our lives doing what everyone else perceives as successful. However, it just doesn’t fit who we are meant to be in life. It takes courage to choose an alternative route, and risk the chance of experiencing rejection from others, or failure.

The Solution

Knuckle Pop Brand is committed to encouraging people to walk in their purpose. We immerse you in an environment that ignites your passion to do what has been in your heart, that may have been ignored, or overlooked.

The Cost

  • Loss of finances: your purpose may not be the highest paying career path.
  • Loss of opportunity: you may have to say no to that opportunity that was offered.
  • Rejection: friends, and family may not understand your choices. They may not show the support you expect.
  • Lack of recognition: there may not be any parades held in your honor for all the hard work that you do.

The Benefits

Making a difference in the lives of others…

What We Believe…

Everything we do is based on principles found in the Bible, period. We won’t beat you over the head with Bible, but the fingerprints of God can be found all over our work. We believe the world is a shadow of what it could be, due to people not walking in their God given purpose. We were made to be the greatest, and the greatest are the servants to all.