Have you ever spent more time packing for a trip, than enjoying the trip? You pack, and then unpack, and then pack again. Next thing you know, you’re either late, or missed your flight all together. This is what happens to some of us when it comes to obeying God, and reaching the destination He has for our lives. We wake up every morning, mentally packing, and unpacking faith and/or fear. We pack all the excuses that make sense to why we shouldn’t do something. We unpack some of the excuses, and replace it with some faith. At this point it looks like we might be obedient and go, but we end up going nowhere. This cycle goes on every morning, every day, every week, every month, every year, until we miss our opportunity. What purpose has God put in your heart to do? I will give you the same advice I give myself, “Pack light!” All we need is a mustard seed of faith, to move mountains. Pack whatever faith you have, and go! Don’t miss another divine destination!

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